Careers - Hampshire


We have work available in Eastleigh and Fareham and Gosport.  Our Hampshire East Branch is based in Fareham.  AQS Homecare - Hampshire are currently recruiting the positions below.

Care at Home Officers

We do not exist without the strength, knowledge, skills and dedication of our staff.  Care in the community requires applicants to be caring, sensitive, reliable, good communicators, hard working and conscientious. 


We are seeking those with values to deliver the care that we would want to receive.


Accounts Administrators - Data entry, data mangement, record keeping and programme input resolution. Invoices, payroll support, book keeping and quality assurance regarding financial governance.


Local Operations Managers - Operational management and overview, reporting directly to the Registered Area Manager.


Care Coordinators - Managing the logistics of care delivery, ensuring Key Performance targets are met through planning, supporting the care team.

Senior Care Assistant - ensuring quality provision and operational strength, thorugh effective assessment and care planning, monitoring and supporting staff.


Training Officer - support quality control and performance management during rapid expansion by training staff through building on values and experience already gained to levels commitant to the contractual requirements.